"These Americans is more than a book — it's a mirror to the faces and places that define us."

"These Americans" - A Ride Through the Heart of Contemporary American Fiction

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Raw, Real, Uncompromising

For those who appreciate Raymond Carver’s minimalism or Bukowski’s tavern tales, Schaut offers a new lens through which to view the American experience. His prose—sharp, clear, and unflinching—cuts through the noise, presenting a vision of America as seen through the eyes of those living on the edge of hope and despair.

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Step Into the Story

“This is America,” Schaut seems to say, “in all its tarnished glory and flawed beauty.” 

“These Americans” invites you to look beyond the surface, to hear the stories that don’t make the headlines—and some that do, and to find beauty in the struggle.

the books

These Americans

“These Americans is full of trippy confluence”

Lily’s story takes place in various Waffle Houses and small hotels across Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas. Lily encounters a cast of diverse characters, including a group of inappropriate cat-callers, a revolver-wielding hotel owner on Route 66, and a sexy server at Lily’s first Waffle House.

These Americans: Book Two

These Americans – Book Two continues to follow Lily and Gus as they make both good and bad choices, navigate friendships, and journey through life toward that tiny door on the horizon. There is plenty more drama, plenty more antics, plenty more coffee, and of course, the occasional vagrant talking to trees. These Americans stands as a requiem for a generation lost in both the comforts and discomforts of modern times.

These Americans: Book 3

Arriving May 24.

And so we’ve come to book three of the “These Americans” series. I continue to have a hard time defining these writings, as they are most easily identified as literary fiction or contemporary American fiction. The third in this series of road novels, we revisit all our friends from the previous books and meet some new ones too. The big difference between this book and its predecessors is that a large portion of it takes us back to 1998, the Year of the Tiger, a year of grunge, punk rock, and self-discovery. 

Starlite Pulp Review #3

Among some of the best authors around.

My short story, “The Depression of John Stonebrook” appears in the Starlite Pulp Review #3.

Fifteen pulp yarns from fifteen different authors! The lineup here is amazing, featuring Craig Clevenger, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Trevor Holliday, Sean Jacques, Nolan Knight, Terrance Layhew, Brodie Lowe, Patrick R. McDonough, Jim Ruland, Aaron Paul Schaut, Alex Slusar, CW Stevenson, Phillip Thompson, Manny Torres, and Brian Townsley. Noir, Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Westerns. Good stuff.

Featuring a cover by the amazing Danny Galieote.

Lucid America

a new year’s love story like no other!

A banger of a novella, and my idea of a dime store paperback, this little read should get your endorphins kicking and neurons firing. Set in late December and into the New Year, a romance blooms like a freight train, carrying with it a bit of baggage and heading full speed toward an alarming conclusion.

Robert is leaving his life for California, and Crystal is also leaving hers for the same destination. Their two worlds collide at a rest area in Twin Arrows, Arizona. The bizarre beginnings of their romance takes them not only through an earthquake but to a place where time stands still, immortalized by the words, ‘I think you’re pretty great.’

Bricks: A "These Americans" Crime Story

Available now!

BRICKS is a noir mystery, set in the world of These Americans, that is loaded with suspense and societal commentary. In Bricks, Detective John Rainey, a man who is internally as broken as the city he protects, finds himself wrapped up in a series of serial murders, each marked by a single, skull-crushing signature — a brick.


Sokut (Creed of Slaves)

by Neda Aria (Author), Aimee Nicole (Author), Bhavna Khemlani (Author), C.E. Hoffman (Author), Aaron Schaut (Author), Sebastian Vice (Author), Paula C. Deckard (Author), Riya Anne Polcastro (Author), Rayn Hall (Author)

Edited by Neda Aria, “Sokut Collection” brings together 11 powerful essays and 2 intros that dive into what it means to really live out loud in a world that tries to keep us quiet. From Tehran’s tough streets to deeply personal tales, each piece in this collection shares a raw and honest look at the authors’ lives and challenges.

This book is all about getting real—it pulls back the curtain on life’s darker moments and highlights the shadows we’re often told to ignore. Through stories of identity, survival, and surprising beauty, these writers invite us to truly listen to the whispers that society tries to mute.

Dive into “Sokut Collection” and prepare to connect deeply, maybe even seeing a bit of your own life in these pages. It’s a call to break the silence, embrace life’s messiness, and celebrate finding one’s voice. Just like beloved works by Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, Leslie Jamison, and James Baldwin, this collection promises to move and inspire you.

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About the Author

I am an Escanaba, Michigan native, who currently resides in Grand Rapids. I am a web developer, graphic designer, and struggling musician called Dynaflo – dynaflomusic.com.

While home, I am surrounded by the many animals of Michele’s Rescue – michelesrescue.com.

I’m a big fan of film and television as well as reading. I love watching old Jim Jarmuche films, am a Trek, Star Wars and Stargate nut, and love the hell out of Quentin Tarantino films. I also love comic books. Give me anything by Warren Ellis or Garth Ennis and leave me be for a while. Authors like Kerouac, Burroughs, Ray Bradbury and Edgar Rice Burroughs have always been my faves.

I’m also a photography nut. I can stare at the works of Robert Frank, Anton Corbijn and Jason Lee all day. 

I like to think of my writing as “beat” but will let you be the judge.

If you ever want to shoot the breeze, shoot me a message!

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Neda Aria

Neda Aria has been a significant presence in Transgressive Fiction for over 15 years. In addition to her roles as an author, mentor, and designer, she is the author of published works including “ENARO,” “Feminomaniacs,” and “Machnocracy.” 

Starlite Pulp

Collectively, Starlite is bringing more than 50 years of experience in publishing, writing, editing, graphic design and IT expertise into Starlite Pulp and everything under its umbrella.

Manny Torres

Manny Torres is an Atlanta, Georgia, transplant from Brooklyn, New York. Perras Malas, meaning Bad Bitches in Spanish, is the loose prequel to this book and made it to the LGBTQ+ crime bestseller’s list. Before that, he penned the road-noir novella Dead Dogs, was inspired by the time he spent living in East Atlanta Village and eccentric group of friends he made there.

Nevada McPherson

I write and vlog about books, film, and pop culture at the Backstage Blog, and will be posting more soon about the upcoming installment of my Eucalyptus Lane novels, a neo-noir book series published by Outcast Press.

Outcast Press

Outcast Press wants stories cut from the bone, written from the gristle that sticks to your soul, based off brain-burning images scorched onto paper. We like raw, honest, dark, in-your-face, tales. The ethos at Outcast Press is a rejection of sacred cows. The beauty of literature lies in exploring themes other mediums consider too taboo.

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