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Glitter and Doom

November 3, 2023/

I once drove to Columbus, Ohio to catch Tom Waits for the Glitter and Doom tour. After the show, both alone and with a very long drive ahead of me, I thought I would meander around the back and join the small crowd gathered near…

Author Shout-Out

May 14, 2023/

If I haven’t yet, I’d like to shout-out to novelist, Manny Torres and his Dog Trilogy. Both the books and their author showed me that it is possible to write about the really, real. If you like great character development sugar-coated in violence, Manny’s your…

May 7, 2023/

If sometimes I might dabble in dusty, stained memories if only just to dip my toes to the cold, icey, bashful and bizarre reactions of obviously ill placed and barely understood situations I think I’ll go back inside by the fire

May 2, 2023/

Let me discuss with you something intellectual like you might find via imaginative sparklers that fill your head as you admire objects through the car’s passenger window

May 2, 2023/

Sometimes, I excitedly think that I will stay up all night and do whatever I want all night and get all creative and shit all night. This is the moment when I immediately fall asleep. Thoughts are drugs.

April 29, 2023/

As we grow older eating MacDonald’s french fries with a fork seems far less tedious than fingers It’d probably be worth the decline of cool

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