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Glitter and Doom

November 3, 2023/

I once drove to Columbus, Ohio to catch Tom Waits for the Glitter and Doom tour. After the show, both alone and with a very long drive ahead of me, I thought I would meander around the back and join the small crowd gathered near…

City Lights

August 29, 2023/

So, yesterday, I did something that I would consider real fun. I wrapped up two copies of my book and sent them off to City Lights Bookstore. I don’t know if I will ever have an opportunity to visit the store, and I have no…

An Unexpected Seasonal Shift

July 7, 2023/

There was this one day in July when the season shifted for one day and revealed the suffering during that day that usually only reveals itself during the days or weeks or months following a normal and expected seasonal shift A person doesn’t need this…

A First Submission

June 22, 2023/

Well, I’ve submitted my first short story for potential inclusion into this cool lit blog. Being my first legit submission, I am a little nervous. The plot here is pretty damn cool and was a good opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone. Whatever…

Book Slinging Day

May 9, 2023/

Running around pitching my book to local book stores is a bit overwhelming. Huge shout out to Argos Book Shop for being the first to shelve These Americans! Shop local, support local! https://www.facebook.com/argosbookshop

May 7, 2023/

If sometimes I might dabble in dusty, stained memories if only just to dip my toes to the cold, icey, bashful and bizarre reactions of obviously ill placed and barely understood situations I think I’ll go back inside by the fire

May 4, 2023/

In the voice of Morgan Freeman: Imagine, if you will, sitting in the sun, having a nice lunch, and casually reading a copy of These Americans. It is at this point that a handsome admirer notices your superior and undoubtedly hip choice in reading material.…

Schaut /SHout/

April 29, 2023/

1. a loud cry expressing a strong emotion or calling attention. 2. INFORMAL•BRITISH one’s turn to buy a round of drinks. ““Do you want another drink? My shout.””

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