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City Lights

August 29, 2023/

So, yesterday, I did something that I would consider real fun. I wrapped up two copies of my book and sent them off to City Lights Bookstore. I don’t know if I will ever have an opportunity to visit the store, and I have no…

These Americans: Short Stories

July 31, 2023/

These Americans: Short Stories is a compilation of stories that take place in the same vein as the Title Book, These Americans. Not only will it reveal storylines from familiar characters and places but it will also introduce new characters that might exist within our…

Setting the Scene

May 7, 2023/

When writing, I try to immerse myself into a town as much as possible, whether I’ve been there or not. I’ll drive around a town on Google Earth and watch news and videos from the area. I’ll even listen to the local radio stations over…

Rough Around the Edges

May 2, 2023/

In the book, there is a scene where Lily is walking down a Tulsa strip of Route 66. She thinks to herself how she prefers the “rough around the edges” murals of the Route 66 signs painted on the sides of buildings to the more…

What will I get from reading your book?

May 1, 2023/

In several posts (link in bio), I’m going to try to answer the question, “What will I get from reading your book?” This is my first response to this question: I like to think that this is a “cool” sort of beat novel. The characters…

Judge a book by its cover

April 27, 2023/

I do believe that a book can be judged by its cover. Knowing this, I went on a hunt to seek out the perfect cover photo for ‘These Americans’ that would accurately represent the book and its theme. Browsing Flickr, I was immediately struck by…

These Americans to be released on May 12

April 9, 2023/

Anxiously awaiting press proofs from two print vendors while also anxiously awaiting the reveal.  These Americans was set into motion, over the winter, when I sat down to write a new song. You could say I just kind of kept writing.  Most of the characters…

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