Rough Around the Edges

In the book, there is a scene where Lily is walking down a Tulsa strip of Route 66. She thinks to herself how she prefers the “rough around the edges” murals of the Route 66 signs painted on the sides of buildings to the more perfect recreations of the famous symbol. To her, the more precisely done designs represent a sort of plastic clich√© of Americana. With this in mind, I will point out to any future critics of this work: it’s not perfect, it’s a little rough around the edges. I wrote the piss out of this, edited the piss out of this, and published the piss out of this. Like my many songs, it’s a whirlwind of many, many hours of hyper-focused insanity. It is my hope that in the nature of its style, it provokes a similar feeling that Lily gets with those crudely painted murals that adorn so many buildings along Route 66.

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