These Americans: Book Three

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And so we’ve come to book three of the “These Americans” series. I continue to have a hard time defining these writings, as they are most easily identified as literary fiction or contemporary American fiction. The third in this series of road novels, we revisit all our friends from the previous books and meet some new ones too. The big difference between this book and its predecessors is that a large portion of it takes us back to 1998, the Year of the Tiger, a year of grunge, punk rock, and self-discovery. While searching for that place in your heart, or even God, let’s just say you may or may not know all these characters, and you might also find in them some of the drama, some of the comedy, some of that dark humor, and some psychological or philosophical bits of this or that as it all keeps moving on down the road. This being the fifth book in what is becoming serialized, I’ve become less worried about how to write a blurb and more interested in telling it how I see it. I hope you enjoy the “These Americans” series as much as I enjoy writing it. - Aaron PaulExcerpt from “The Sheer Humanity of Life: The Forward to These Americans Book 3”

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