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“Paper book covers are almost as old as print. They date back to the sixteenth century, and paperbacking has been the ordinary mode of book production in France, for instance, for centuries. The first edition of James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” published in Paris in 1922, is a paperback. In the United States, paperback publishing was tried on a major scale at least twice during the nineteenth century: first, in the eighteen-forties, with an enterprise called the American Library of Useful Knowledge, and after the Civil War, when, unfettered by international copyright agreements, American publishers brought out cheap editions of popular European novels.” – source New Yorker

In 2006, Warren Ellis released “Fell” as an experiment to make serial comics more affordable. The idea stuck with me since the press release. The idea of a good story with great characters that could be easily acquired and consumed by anyone really appealed to me. With this in mind, I love having the ability and embracing the idea of kicking out a novella or short novel on a budget and with the reader in mind. The quality of the story, design, and cover is not cheap but rather really cool.

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